Cofounder - Director at Puraoferta.com

Juan Esteban Diaz Belich

“I hired Innku to develop an ecommerce platform for the mexican market. The boutique approach, the professional qualities of the developers and the whole team besides the quality of the completed work was outstanding. They became our business partner. The win-win relationship was always guaranteed. They are courteous, knowledgeable and organized besides they are always up to date and come out with innovative solutions. I highly recommend Innku for individual, smb and corporate projects.”
Hired Innku in 2012

Sr. Development Manager at Grupo Expansión

Federico Zubirán Cuarón

“INNKU developed an HTML5 bracket challenge for the celebrities portal http://quien.com They understood our needs perfectly and, having just a couple of weeks for working on the project, they delivered the final product in time for the Oscar's where it was third most visited page in quien.com. In general, working with INNKU was an absolute pleasure... they have talent and they move pretty fast; communication during the project was impeccable and the final product exceeded our expectations. We're absolutely pleased with their work, and already there are a couple of projects in the near future where we will be working with them again.”
Hired Innku in 2012

Treasurer at International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

Dr. Francisco J. Reyna Sepúlveda

“Best experience had so far in web development. Their price, responsibility and most importantly the accuracy to translate what their customer wants characterizes them. I strongly recommend them based on my long experience working with them.”
Hired Innku in 2010

Founder/Director for Europe at Urban Research Gang

Diego Calderón

“Innku played a key role in the development/implementation of our think tank. Since its inception stage, its multi-skilled set of professionals has been pragmatic and useful. A motivated, hands-on group of individuals committed to development.”
Hired Innku in 2008

Partner/Web Developer at Covarrubias AID

Pablo Covarrubias

“Efficiency, liability, punctuality... few of the words that describe INNKU, a company that we have hired for more than one project, we're extremely pleased with their commitment to the job and the service that they provide to their clients.”
Hired Innku in 2010

CEO at Innovación y Proyectos Bambú SC

Javier Luengas Capetillo

"Bambú SC hired Innku for Mini-Green development last year. They have shown vast knowledge, quality, professionalism, full control of the platform and language. They are excellent entrepreneurs with great conditions. 100% reliable."
Hired Innku in 2009

Project Manager at SUN Business Consulting

Fernando Pérez

"INNKU platform is an easy and professional tool. INNKU is not only a web solution supplier, we see our relation as a business partner."
Hired Innku in 2008

Management at FRANKATA Franchise Experts

Anna Banda

"It has been a great choice to hire Innku, they have contributed to enhance our web solutions by getting involved in the business process. We enjoyed working with such talented people and we are very pleased with the results. We found at Innku not just a development firm but an addition to our team who shares our concerns."
Hired Innku in 2009

Owner at EL CAFE 57

Margarita Navarro

"We are very pleased with Innku´s service. First of all it made my job a lot easier, faster and something I can understand and work with. They were also very reliable and always willing to answer all my questions and take into consideration all my suggestions. They worked fast and not expensive compared to other providers."
Hired Innku in 2009


Federico Gonzalez Celaya

"We hire INKKU for the development of a Corporate Digital Document Information System CDDIS, our experience was outstanding in the development time and cost effective, so we recommend widely their services. INKKU is a team oriented company. We are speeding our requirements of all type of legal documents within our company through the WEB in a very secure environment."
Hired Innku in 2009

Co-founder at Aventones

Ignacio Cordero

"The Aventones team is very satisfied and happy to have worked along with INNKU. They got completely involved in the project since the beginning. They acknowledged the project as theirs and teamed-up to deliver a high quality application. INNKU works with excellence, efficiency and total communication with their clients."
Hired Innku in 2010

Developer at surerex

Andres Paglayan

"I had to deliver a big a project in a short time, and couldn't do it alone. Innku was open to try different working methodologies. They got into the spirit of the project right in the first day. I am very pleased working with them."
Hired Innku in 2010

Founder at micongreso.mx

Jorge Soto

"Innku is one of those few companies that really get involved with the project and its developmen. This allows a customer-supplier relationship efficient and agile."
Hired Innku in 2010

Owner at LVS-Architecture

Luis Othon Villegas

"I'm very thankful with Innku Sites since after I hired their service my website is easier to update and keep on track. I constantly update contents and the way of doing it is very simple and fast."
Hired Innku in 2010

Owner at Cocina al Natural

Sonia Ortiz

"Developing a website can be a pain. Innku made it all easy, they were quick to understand what we wanted and hit right on target from their first design proposal. Their transparent way of billing hours is wonderful. The communication tools they used with us as clients are awesome, though I am no computer wizz, their high-tech communication tools really made it easy to get through to developers. In one phrase, if we needed another website, we would undoubtedly hire Innku again."
Hired Innku in 2010

CEO at Teiga Research

Armando J. Pérez-Carreño

"We recently finished working with INNKU in a joint-project and are pleased with their level of commitment. The project was finished in just one week and the best part was that we collaborated remotely from different parts of the world."
Hired Innku in 2011

Managing Director at Corriente Alterna

Ernesto Elí Gutiérrez

"Since the first time that I contacted Innku, they were very interested to meet me and the company objectives, we developed a constant contact according to the construction of our portal, and we gave them the corresponding feedback about in order to make a project that adjusted to our needs and our budget, they were responsible and show us many possibilities about an economic development of the portal so we can maximize our resources and make our initiative even bigger."
Hired Innku in 2010

Owner at Cuadros de Fútbol

Pablo Cuadros

“Innku made an extraordinary job bringing my website concept from idea to realization. In any future web or mobile projects they would be my first choice. I highly recommend them based on their creativity, efficiency, punctuality and responsibility.”
Hired Innku in 2010

Online Director at Milenio Diario

José Aníbal Abarca Gil

"We hired Innku to build and manage a web/social project: Ayer y Hoy (www.ayeryhoydf.com). The website and social network strategy was designed by Innku to support an offline project to increase the newspaper circulation. Innku is an excellent company, they understood the business requirements and response quickly with a reliable and intelligent solution. The project was delivered on time and with the expected quality. Ayer y Hoy online strategy has been successful and well accepted by our readers."
Hired Innku in 2010