Grupo Gonher

Grupo Gonher

A new informative and appropriate site was designed for all types of screens, and considering versions in several languages with a customized content manager.

The site has a customized managing tool designed for the marketing team, and includes several accesses, change control, specific content management, SEO control tools and an auto parts catalog with a visual presentation on different car models.

Self-managing visual catalog

One of the main challenges was to develop a visual catalog where users could see auto parts based on their car models and the location inside the car. For this purpose, we designed a drag-and-drop tool to allow putting auto parts in the corresponding section for each car from the manager. We included mobile and desktop versions of the catalog, so we had to include positioning and image generation methods.

Our team was in charge of

  • Product Design
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Software Development

Focusing on creating a friendly and complete site for the visitors, based on the marketing team’s needs and with specific tools for them.