This is some of our work


A service that allows people from an institution or organization to carpool.

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A space to post and find job opportunities for Latin American developers.

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An online space that helps finding a travel partner from one city to another, easily and safely.

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A platform that gathers information on bus lines to find the best rates and schedules.

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An online community that connects companies with transportation suppliers, in a fast and safe fashion.

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Cocina y comparte

An community for food lovers, to publish and share recipes in an easy and organized way.

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Grupo Gonher

A customized self-managed site for desktop and mobile phones for the auto parts company.

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Life & Style

Editorial content portal with responsive design for Grupo Expansión's magazine.

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An online market of classified ads focused on students and based on a visual experience.

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Milenio VotoxVoto 2012

Official site of Grupo Milenio, which gathered relevant information on the 2012 elections.

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A social learning platform based on sharing content and promotion discussion.

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App Facebook - Viva Aerobus

An app to quote flights, check out promotions and begin the purchasing process without leaving Facebook.

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Mi Congreso

A civil space to learn and comment about the decisions made in the congress.

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Taco's Taco

An iPhone app with an online version that allows knowing ingredients and ways to prepare tacos.

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A management system to optimize money collection and communications within a condo.

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An iPhone and Android app that allowed the use of several geolocation social networks from a single place.

Entel TAZ

An app for a Bolivian fair that allowed knowing places and checking in different spots during the event.


A promo site of the Bolivian company that put its online service speed to the test.

Milenio Diario

A website to promote Milenio’s historic postcards. It allows managing and programming publications.

Corriente Alterna

An online community that gathers music bands that promote a social awareness message.

Covarrubias AID

A system that allows immediately reporting advances to its clients on the status of their works.

Café 57
El Café 57 (Restaurant)

A system to control costs, prices and inventories of the ingredients of each dish prepared.


A system to manage finances, bills, payments and budgets of the Students Federation.


A generator of online stores and a sales manager of a multi-level suppliers network.

Grupo Afal

Central repository of corporate documents with a control based on permits and categorization.

Mr. Franc

A system where franchisers manage and automate the franchise sale process.


A private network for employees and suppliers that allows interacting and accessing the company’s information.


A system that allows managing consultancy projects, including their creation, money collection, progress and finishing.


A platform that allows automating the visa process of its clients and organize their data.

Condo management

A free directory where condo managers can offer their services.


A managing system to certificate procedures and follow up sustainable buildings.

Grupo Expansión Contests

A platform to playoff-style contests, which can be embedded in any of the group’s sites.

Some of our clients

Cocina al natural Entel Grupo Expansión Lift El Unievrsal Grupo Fórmula
Milenio Sidereel Grupo Gonher Monte de Piedad Fundación Televisa Herbalife
Innova Cúrsame Vivaaerobus Venture Institute