Customized systems development

We’re experts in software development, we’ll do it just as you need it.

Any specific function that a company may require can be developed as a web solution, and in INNKU we can help you. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it has become increasingly easy and necessary to optimize procedures and accelerate connections by taking advantage of the Internet. The methodology we use allows us to keep a close eye on the client’s requirements in order to translate them into an efficient and useful tool.


Mobile app development

Smart and functional apps in the palm of your hand.

Since it has become increasingly important to obtain information at the exact moment regardless of the workplace, smart phones are the new computing platform. We can help you develop native apps that can take advantage of the phone’s capacities and have available information via iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and other operating systems.


Technological partners for your idea

Give us an idea, we’ll develop the technology.

Innku aims at contributing with its abilities and strengths as a “Technological Partner” for those looking to transcend through an Internet solution. Innku provides the development and tech support in exchange of being able to make people’s ideas or projects a reality.


Graphic design

It’s not enough that it works correctly, it must look good as well.

Having a functional graphic design is essential, from your company logo to the arrangement and colors of a software. At Innku we have several talents in different areas, which allows us to think about our solutions from several perspectives. We create accessible, functional and attractive sites. We believe that the usability of everything we develop is very important.


Migration of legacy systems to Internet

Update your old software and make it more accessible and useful

The technology we use allows to to migrate any desktop solution or software (not online) to the Internet. Technology is progressing day after day, allowing solutions that used to have limitations to not have any at all; the power of using an online tool expands their capacities.

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