Meet our team


Great developer, CSS enthusiast. She constantly learns and improves her abilities. Her curiosity about new development paradigms is huge. You’ll be amazed by her ability to solve any kind of problem.

Abigail Sosa Hernández

From Cochabamba, Bolivia. Soccer fan and active promoter of productivity techniques. He develops in RoR and gives workshops. He is in charge of Rutanet and is project leader in several customized developments.

Adrian Cuadros Zegarra

He is an industrial engineer with the soul of a developer. He’s passionate about Venture Capital matters, innovation and new projects. He sells and communicates, and loves to be involved in creating projects and apps.

Alberto Padilla Luengas

Designer who learns constantly, has a trained eye, is fast to design UI and implements elegant codes. Working with him means ending up with an excelent interface for your product

Angel Huerta

He graduated in Mechatronics by the University of Monterrey (UDEM). He’s a great musician and, above all, a great person. His ability to excel in any activity is outstanding. He can surprise you with his knowledge in Rails, Coffeescript and he can even teach you a lot about product design.

Benito Serna

Lover of coffee and Latin American hip-hop, you will always have a great time around him. He is a perfectionist regarding design, naturally proactive and always has good recommendations about places to eat.

David Furia Hernández Torres

She likes to be called Edith, because the name “Sonia” follows her everywhere. She loves reading and is devoted to what she does. Her catch phrase is “con todo campeón y a millón” (or “give it all champ, and a million”). She has now become an expert in the transportation industry thanks to Rutanet.

Edith García Santes

A basketball fan from Caracas, Venezuela. Pasta and salad lover, intolerant to spicy food. He has the patience to teach beginners about fair practices. He is a faithful VIM user and TDD believer.

Elías Ernesto Matheus Camacho

With practical and efficient solutions, it’s clear that his thing is interface design. He enjoys a good coffee in the mornings, music and video games. We’ve been told that he has a couple of great recipes under his sleeve.

Gabriel Arce

Design intern who always find out a way to solve his problems, is passioned for responsive design and media queries. If you are stuck for an answer, Jorge may have the solution for you

Jorge Alberto Arreola Martínez

Native of Torreón, Coahuila, he is multilingual in programming and is now devoted to Ruby. He is a hard core Linux fan, who has surprisingly switched to Mac. He might change a lot, but he assures he will never abandon his beloved Vim.

Jorge Gajón Argüello

She is the voice of order at INNKU, where she found out she loves the Management department. Since 2010, INNKU and Rutanet have given her the opportunity to work in that area. She loves being productive and enjoys what she does by contributing and growing as a key piece of our company. Her lifestyle is based on commitment and responsibility.

Sarait Fernández Hernández

He’s one of the earliest members of the team, and the greatest contributor to the office’s daily playlist. He’s also a designer in constant learning; every day, he finds out something new in CSS and is always trying to bring design theory into web design. Ah! He is also a teacher at the Faculty of Visual Arts of Nuevo León’s Autonomous University.

Sebastian Gutiérrez González